Sterile Ribbed Condoms

a thin rubber bag that a man wears over his penis (= sex organ ) during sex, to prevent a woman having a baby or to protect against disease Specification of the Sterile ribbed condoms Detail photos of the Sterile ribbed condoms Production Process of the Sterile ribbed condoms 1、raw material(The...

Product Details

a thin rubber bag that a man wears over his penis (= sex organ ) during sex, to prevent a woman having a baby or to protect against disease

Specification of the Sterile ribbed condoms


Ribbed   condom


Natural latex   Rubber


Dow Corning Silicon   Oil




52±2mm, 54±2mm








Natural/Red/Green/Pink/Yellow/Purple etc


flower,strawberry/banana/lemon etc

according to your requirements

Shelf   life

5 years


Square aluminum foil pouch+box, with smoke film





Detail photos of the Sterile ribbed condoms

Production Process of the Sterile ribbed condoms
1、raw material(The main raw material for condoms is usually rubber latex. When natural latex is transported to the factory, it will go through more than10 times strict inspection to ensure quality of raw materials. Only high-quality raw materials can be put into production.In addition to natural latex, there are other materials around the world.)
2、chemical combination(Chemical combination mainly refers to the process of preparing raw material liquid for condom production. It adds a variety of raw materials in natural latex to increase the elasticity of the latex and prevent it from aging. Then, the reaction needs to be carried out in a temperature-controlled container to finally form a condom raw material solution. Of course, in the process of compounding, it needs to monitor, sampling checks to ensure the quality of raw materials)
3、Wash the mold(After finishing producing a single batch of condoms and before starting producing, the sets of molds of condoms must be washed, by which the condoms is safe and reliable.)
4、Impregnation molding(Each clean mold is dipped into latex tank, containing liquid latex under temperature of 21℃, then the molds will be baking under temperature approaching 120℃. There will be 3 times for process of dipping and baking, which is called dipping and baking line.)
6、vulcanization(The decontamination of the condom dehydration, adding powder slurry into the vulcanization device, The condom begins to react with sulfur. This procedure is mainly to make the condom soft, strong and flexible.)
7 、Temporarily placement(Now, the condom should be parked for about two days to stabilize its performance.)
8、Electronic pinhole detection(The formed condoms must go through many test to guarantee quality. The most important test is 100% electronic pinhole test. Each formed condom must go by electronic pinhole test and then they will be divided into qualified area and unqualified area automatically.)
Water injection pinhole test(A number of condoms will be chosen to be samples to do water injection pinhole test.)
Blasting capacity test(A number of condoms will be chosen to be samples to do blasting capacity test. The national standard is 18 liters air. Our condoms can come to 30 to 40 liters air)
9、Aging test(Mainly used to test the material. Putting condoms Into the aging machine for some time and then test whether it is normal. Usually condoms exposed in the sun for a long time will become brittle, which is the reason of rubber material aging.)
10、Physical test(Length measurement, width measurement and thickness measurement. The length of the condom should be not less than 160 mm; the width should be equal to the nominal width given by the manufacturer with a tolerance of ± 2 mm)
11、Packaging(Add lubricants, fragrances. The condom is sealed in a bag and box, which then finished condoms come out.)

Exhibition of the Sterile ribbed condoms

Certificates of the Sterile ribbed condoms

Transportation of the Sterile ribbed condoms
1. Express Via FEDEX, TNT, UPS, DHL, EMS (As your request).
2. By air, sea or combined transportation.
3. Tracking Number will offered as soon as it is updated online
4. Shipping cost depends on the shipping method, product quantity, weight, carton size and your area.
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