How to look at the early pregnancy test kit

- Mar 16, 2018-

1. Collect urine from a clean, dry container. The reagent strip is taken from the original packaging aluminum foil bag and should be used as soon as 1 hours.

2. One end of the test paper will have the end of the arrow mark into the container containing the urine. After about three seconds, it is taken out of the container, and the result is observed in 30 to 5 minutes.

3. The results are judged as follows:

Positive (+): two purple red bands appeared. One is located in the test area (T) and the other is in the quality control area (C). It shows that she is pregnant.

Negative (-): only the quality control area (C) appeared a purple red strip, and there was no red band in the test area (T). It indicates that it is not pregnant.

Invalid: the quality control area (C) did not appear purple red strip, indicating that the incorrect operation process or the reagent strip has been damaged and damaged.