Is oviposit paper accurate

- Mar 16, 2018-

1., normal women maintain a trace amount of luteinizing hormone (LH). In the 24~48 hours before ovulation, the LH in urine will have a high peak value (LH surge), and stimulate the release of mature ovulation in the next 28 hours, that is, ovulation. Ovulation test paper is to determine the best time for female pregnancy by measuring the peak level of the luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine to predict whether or not to ovulation.

2., under normal circumstances, ovulation test strips of regular brands can detect LH peak. However, the accuracy and sensitivity of different brands of ovulation test paper are different. Some products fail to detect LH surge, and some have shown strong Yang. The date of the LH surge will change with the It differs from man to man., menstrual period, the best time to grasp the use of a box of products to LH in the detection of ovulation, recommendations for the selection of quality brand reputation of products, such as the Swiss Blue crepe Clearblue ovulation test pen, can help women to lock the most fertile 2 days, improve pregnancy the opportunity.

Of course, the test is not absolutely accurate ovulation test ovulation and clinical case, miss LH peak abound, many women can only detect weak positive (on behalf of the upcoming ovulation and ovulation has not detected) and strong positive, this does not mean that no ovulation, we can only try to avoid the situation.