It's really important to choose the size of the condom.

- Mar 16, 2018-

Many people are shy when they buy condoms in supermarkets, so they just go away quickly without taking a box, regardless of the size of the condom. In fact, if the purchase of too large or too small will seriously affect the sex life may also lead to unwanted pregnancy.

Buying unfit condoms will not reduce the function of contraception because of too much size. It will cause the penis blood circulation to be blocked due to too small numbers, which will lead to the weakness of the penis and no ejaculation. However, because there are few people talking about this topic, men often ask for help without a door and have been plagued.

In fact, because of the different physical characteristics of people in different regions, the condoms also have different sizes, and the standards of the East and West are certainly different.

In our country, condoms are usually divided according to large, medium and small. The size of the large size is 35 mm, the medium is 33 mm, and the trumpet is 31 mm. On the width, according to the international general standard, the body will be opened and then flattened to measure the width of the section. The size is 55 millimeters, the middle size is 52 millimeters, and the trumpet is 49 millimeters.

When you buy a condom, most men can buy the medium products directly. You can also use a thin line around the middle part of the penis after full erection, then measure the length of the line, that is to get the perimeter of the penis, then divide it to 2, that is to get the penis width, and then purchase the condoms that are closest to the data according to the calculated results.

Some people worry that the length of the condoms is not enough. In fact, in terms of length, the products of the East and the West have reserved a large space, and there is no certain standard.

It is necessary to remind you that we must not use fake and inferior products. You can also do online shopping on a reputable website to choose your favorite brand, style and size in a leisurely and convenient way.