Making condoms safer using small skills

- Mar 16, 2018-

Proper use is "exquisite"

Many adult men have been dealing with condoms, but male health experts at dawn hospital point out that even men who use condoms regularly may make some mistakes. Therefore, experts remind that the following techniques must be paid to the use of condoms:

1. hand tearing package with scissors

First of all to buy condoms right size is too large, easy to fall off, is too small, easy to be broken. Make sure the condom in the warranty period before use, before opening the package but also pay attention to the first condom pushed aside, then gently open the package, avoid opening the package with a pair of scissors and other weapon, so as not to break the condom.

2. tightened to avoid wearing back

It should also be used to distinguish the outside of the condom. Some couples do sexual behavior when they do not turn the lights on, often in the process of wearing the condoms inside and outside the counter. Because some of the condom's inner side or outer side is coated with medicine or other chemical components, wearing it will not only fail to achieve the desired result, but may cause bad stimulation.

In addition, do not complete it completely when wearing a condom, and squeeze out the gas at the top. The best time to wear during foreplay after complete penile erection, to ensure that the wear before the two sides no genital contact. After wearing, we should guarantee the state of "tight in front of loose". If it is broken in the way, it should stop sexual behavior or take emergency contraception after the event.

3. in time to remove and throw away

When the condoms are removed, it is also exquisite. Before the male ejaculation and the penis is not completely "weak", we should hold the bottom of the condom and draw together with the penis to ensure that there is no semen overflow. Otherwise, we should take emergency contraception measures. Some men have to erect after ejaculatory penis and are ready to continue to act in one time. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the semen and replace another condom.  When the condom is taken off, it is unavoidable to touch the semen by hand, so avoid contact with the female reproductive organs. It is important to note that condoms are disposable consumables and can not be reused.

Suitable for oneself only "sex blessing"

Nowadays, all kinds of fun condoms have come out one after another. The colors are colorful, the flavor is different, the styles are different, the colorful, fruity, convex, threaded, ultra-thin, luminous, extended time... Experts point out that these condoms are not necessarily suitable for everyone. If there is premature ejaculation and sensitive to sexual organs, it is not suitable for men to use super thin. For men and women both physically sensitive and hypersensitive, it is not suitable to use colorful, fruity and luminous type and delay type. These condoms contain more medicines and chemical components, and are easy to become allergens. Of course, for a husbands with a cool wife, we should consider the use of bump type and thread type, which can enhance the sensitivity to female genitalia and increase the excitement of wives.