Ten details to be ignored when using condoms!

- Mar 16, 2018-

Now the contraception in various ways but the most common is all sorts of strange things, or the use of condoms. I believe that many couples are no stranger to it. But do you use condoms correctly? Contrast, see if you are in the use of misunderstandings, if there is, quickly correct it!

1, the production date and validity should be examined before use. The overdue condoms have been deteriorated and are easily broken and unsuitable for use.

2, condoms must be kept in a cool, dry and non - contact environment of acid, alkali and oil. When exposed to the above conditions, it becomes sticky and brittle, and should not be used even in the shelf life.

3, the condom has different specifications. We should choose the appropriate size according to the size of the penis erection. Otherwise, too tight, easy to crack, too loose and slippage will affect the effect.

4, the condom should not be unfolded in advance, but should be spread down from the glans part on the head of the erection of the penis.

5, before setting up the glans, we should pinch the top of the condom to store the semen for the storage of semen, so as to prevent the expansion of the air in the air bag and promote the overflow of semen into the penile root during ejaculation.

6. Water based lubricants can only be used in condoms.  Vaseline, liquid paraffin, face paint oil, cooking oil and other can increase the brittleness of condom in a short period of time, to accelerate its rupture.

7, condoms, such as the use of holes or slippage, only to replace condoms is not safe, should stop sexual intercourse immediately, disinfectant cleaning genital.

8, after ejaculation, before the penis is weak, you should hold down the bottom of the condom with the penis before the penis is weak.

9, when taking off condoms, do not let the semen flow out, and do not let the vaginal secretions outside the condoms contact the body. Each condom can only be used once, and the used condoms should be loaded into a plastic bag and thrown into the trash.

10. The fingers of the condom can not be exposed to the semen and vaginal secretions at the same time, so it is necessary to wash your hands with soapy water immediately under the flow of water.