The method of purchase and storage of condoms

- Mar 16, 2018-

1. The purchase of condoms

(1) suitable model: according to the length of the penis erection and the degree of thickness, the selection of different models.

(2) texture requirements: high quality super thin condom is the best way to ensure contraceptive effect, and do not weaken sexiness. Corrugated or granular condoms can increase friction and enhance sex appeal.

(3) the condoms of different colors, flavors or drugs can be selected according to the psychological state and the specific conditions of the two parties.

(4) condoms are all rubber products, should pay attention to the effective period of purchase, after the expiration of rubber aging, deterioration, can affect the effect. It is suggested that the amount of the purchase should not be too large; the overdue product should not be reused.

Two. Custody of condoms

(1) the condoms purchased should be carefully reviewed with or without air leakage and then curled up.

(2) the condoms should be kept in a dry and cool place to avoid contact with oil.

(3) if repeated use is needed, it should be cleaned and dried with water after use, and the whole person should be examined and preserved with talcum powder. Transparent and ultrathin condoms coated with silicone oil can not be preserved for one time.