What are the benefits of using the condom

- Mar 16, 2018-

As we all know, condoms, in addition to the function of contraception, are more important for the use of the virus. So most people in lovemaking are selected to use condoms, condoms that will bring benefits to our life?

The condom is used to prevent pregnancy in the form of non - drug, mainly used to prevent the combination of human sperm and eggs during sexual intercourse and prevent pregnancy. In addition, the coat sleeve can also prevent the transmission of gonorrhea, AIDS (HIV) and other sexually transmitted diseases. Now the material we use is usually made of natural rubber or poly (Yaan), which generally does not produce allergic symptoms.

The sleeve can prevent male semen from entering the female genital organs, so as to avoid pregnancy. To some extent, wearing a condom is safe and healthy, and it is not easy to get gynecopathy.

The correct use of condoms can reduce the probability of HIV infection by 99.9% and the probability of gonorrhea infection by 85%. But it can not effectively prevent the human papilloma virus (referred to as HPV, can cause human warts, genital organs near the skin and mucous membrane of condyloma acuminatum), genital herpes simplex virus (HSV), the spread of syphilis and chancroid, because sexually transmitted diseases cannot be covered by a condom contact.

Condoms have made important contributions to human beings in the areas of contraception and the prevention of the spread of sexual diseases.

Everything is both advantageous and harmful. Nowadays, there are many kinds of condoms on the market, and some cheap and cheap sets can not only play the role of the condom itself, but will take the health of women. You need to be careful to use the condoms safely. Buy a condom to choose a regular drugstore or shopping mall.