When to wear a condom is the safest

- Mar 16, 2018-

A lot of young couple because the correct use of condoms can not result in "winning", that is exactly what time should wear is the most reliable?

A survey indicates that condoms are now the most common form of contraception. In the correct use of the premise, it can play the best contraceptive effect. But! There are many people who fail to contraception because of improper use or the rupture of the condoms. It seems that the physical health class was so white when I was a child. However, there are also a few who feel that the use of condoms has weakened sexual desire.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of the men do not like to use condoms, guess what is the reason? The reason is very simple, in their words, to put themselves on, there is no real feeling.

Researchers have conducted a survey of more than 1100 men and women and found that nearly 1/4 of people used condoms for a month.

Before such as wear condoms, full body will be set to start; women not at the top of the air discharge partner wearing a condom, if not the sperm storage bag in the air, is easily broken; men themselves use condoms when the inside of a layer over the outside wear, easily lead to pregnancy.

So when does the condom take? When the penis is completely erected, and the condom should be worn before any contact with the body when the penis erects, in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. When you wear a condom, you need to pay attention to it. When you wear a condom, you squeeze the air in the seminal vesicle with your thumb and index finger, then put it on the erect penis, and make sure that the curl part is exposed on the outside. Press the front end and cover the condom with the other hand to the root of the penis.