A Method Of Using Early Pregnancy Test Kit

- Mar 16, 2018-

1, use one disposable urine cup or clean container to collect urine.

2. Tearing the incision in the aluminum foil bag and taking out the test paper for testing.

3, bar type: immerse one end of the test paper with an arrow sign in a container with a urine sample to be checked.

(the urine is not allowed to exceed the MAX line) and is taken out for about 3 seconds.

Card type: draw the urine sample 0.2mL (3-4 drops) in the sample area with a sucker.

Pen style: pull the cap open and urinate directly in the sample area while urinating, and maintain the urine time for 3 seconds. Please note that the urine should not exceed the arrow, so as to avoid wetting the test area and affecting the detection result.

4. Observe the test results of the test area: To observe the results in 5-10 minutes. In 40 seconds, the color was strongly positive.

Positive: the upper and lower end of the test paper have color bands, indicating pregnancy.

Negative: only a purple red band appeared on the top of the test paper and no color band appeared at the lower end, indicating that it was not pregnant.

Null and void: no color band appears. It shows that the paper strip has failed.