How Do Men Buy Their Own Condoms?

- Mar 16, 2018-

Whether for contraception or preventing the spread of disease, you should begin to pay attention to the choice of condoms, at the same time, your business index increased, he must not understand, so as to condoms, men how to buy their own condoms?

1. Look at the age of the implementation of the standard

The closer the age is, the higher the reliability is. Since May 1, 2003, the "3C" logo should be on the box.

Two. Look at the size

Too tight or loose how many condoms are easy to cause the crack or fall off, such a thing might let you decide not to use condoms, choose appropriate size of the crucial condom: when your baby drum rose up, take it around the length of about 12 cm, if it is a "Big Mac type" then you may wish to consider condoms wholesale place to try to use big condom.  Of course, now it seems that Chinese is generally more suitable for medium width is 52mm.

Three. Look at the type

Today's technology has made it a history to say "condoms reduce sexual pleasure". The condom market is booming, the brand is numerous and the patterns are constantly refurbishing. Many products enhance the stimulation to women by increasing the external thread or floating point. Meanwhile, a good news for men is that many condom manufacturers begin to pay attention to making products increase male comfort and reduce foreign body sensation. So many foreign experts suggested that since the choice and use of condoms is related to the quality of life and taste, then may choose a different series of different brands or brands at the time of purchase, like buying the same clothes, try to pass one or two times, and then choose the most comfortable brand series. At the same time, there are many condoms brand condoms added a variety of flavors, "trial" also helps you and her choice of your common love.