How To Use A Condom

- Mar 16, 2018-

Why is the condom usually placed in the supermarket cashier's desk? Because too many novice drivers are thin and dared to pick up condoms. However, as an important sex tool, it is a compulsory course for the old drivers to buy and use condoms. Since the birth of the contraceptive pill, human beings have gradually separated sex and fertility, and the condom is produced to make sex more safe and healthy. A small condom is responsible for the dual task of contraception and disease prevention. So how much do you know about it?

The first step is to buy condoms, and the first step to buy condoms is to pick size. The nominal width of the condom refers to half the circumference of the condom opening, for example, the diameter of the condom with a nominal width of 55 millimetres is 35 mm in diameter. The vast majority of Chinese condoms are marked with a medium size condom with a width of 52 and 2 millimeters. It is rumored that the Chinese people's Congress often uses a medium - sized condom, while the mainstream size of the men and women in Europe and America is great and even super large. In fact, people in different regions have different physical characteristics, and the condoms do have a different size. In most cases, the size of the condom suitable for most men men in our country is the medium size. In fact, the best way to choose the condom is to try several times, try it on yourself, try it with the use of it, and find the best model.

In terms of material quality, most condoms are made of latex. The advantage is that latex material and skin feel close to each other, so it doesn't affect pleasure very much, and the price is low. But a few people are allergic to latex and need to be used carefully. Another common condom material is polyurethane, with strong toughness and thermal conductivity, less elastic than latex, but can be super thin. The disadvantage of this condom is that it is easier to break and fall off, and the price is more expensive.

The condom is turned on, there is usually a layer of creamy liquid, also known as silicone oil. Silicone oil is not oil, it is a silicone liquid. The quality of the condoms produced by regular manufacturers is not harmful to the female body, similar to many skin care products.

Is the condom a pleasure killer? Quite a lot of men refuse to use condoms, because after Daitao will reduce the sensitivity of the penis, this view is supported by scientific evidence, but although condoms will reduce the sensitivity, but this does not mean that condom can not enjoy sex, for example, can use ultra thin condom, polyurethane condoms than ordinary condoms to be thin, can better transfer temperature. Or a few drops of lubricants at the top of the condom and the use of a lubricant outside the condom can effectively increase the pleasure when using a condom. In addition to doing homework on condoms, men can improve the erection by improving the muscle strength of the abdominal wall, thus achieving the purpose of strengthening the touch of friction.