Precautions For Ovulation Test Kit

- Mar 16, 2018-

1 this reagent is only used outside the donor.

2 only before the test can open the sealed aluminum foil bag, open the original packaging should be used in 1 hours as soon as possible.

3 not every woman ovulating during the middle period of menstruation, and there may be no positive results during the 5 day test.

4 should observe and record the change of the chromaticity of the detection line during the test. If the test result is negative, the chromaticity of the detection line begins to decrease, and it can be used as the peak of LH.

5 urine is too thin to lead to the low concentration of LH in the urine, and the concentration of LH is not representative, so it is not suitable to drink too much water or other drinks before testing.

6 the test paper should observe the result of the reaction within the prescribed time, and the result is invalid after 30 minutes.

7 before using the strips of damp or touch film, canned strips to remove the test immediately put the lid tightly.

8 should be used in the period of validity, and should not be used after expiry.

Read the instructions carefully before 9 at the beginning of detection, accurate according to each step to do; do not eat such as hormones may affect the results of the test of medicine, when you will avoid the interference test results when the pregnancy test will accurately.