- Aug 09, 2018-


The Peruvian International Medical Exhibition (TECNOSALUD) will be held in Arequipa, Peru, in September 2018. It has been successful.

The eleventh session is the largest and most influential medical exhibition in Peru. According to the data of the 2017 exhibition, a total of

There are 250 companies from all over the world participating in the exhibition, attracting more than 17,000 visitors to visit the exhibition. The scope of the exhibition includes medical facilities.

Preparation, medical materials, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment, dental equipment, natural products, consumables, etc. It is worth mentioning that Peru International Medical

The visitors of the exhibition are very professional. They are purchasing decision makers from the medical industry, government agencies, doctors in large hospitals,

Professional clinic doctors, distributors, agents, laboratory managers, researchers, etc., the exhibition wants to open up Peruvian markets around the world

The company provides a mature platform and is the best choice for companies to explore the Peruvian market.