The Method Of Using Ovulation Test Kit

- Mar 16, 2018-

1. of the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days, the next menstrual cramps when pushing for the 14 day of ovulation, ovulation usually from eleventh days at the beginning of the test, has been tested for 6 days. But not every female was ovulation in the middle of the menstrual period, and there was no positive results during the 6 day period. Some women are sometimes affected by the environment, emotion and fatigue, which may lead to ovulation in advance.

2. the water intake should be reduced for 2 hours before the collection of urine, because the diluted urine sample will impede the detection of the peak LH.

3. should observe and record the change of the chromaticity of the detection line during the test. If the test result is negative, the chromaticity of the detection line begins to decline, and it can also be used as the peak of LH.

4. the test paper should observe the result of the reaction within the prescribed time, and the test paper should be invalid after 30 minutes. With negative test results, a shallow color band may appear in the location of the detection line and then be observed after a period of time.

5. before using the strips of damp or touch film, canned strips to remove the test immediately put the lid tightly. The test bar should be used in the period of validity, and do not use it after expiry.

6., HCG in urine will interfere with the test results. Therefore, ovulation test paper is not suitable for pregnant women. If there is a LH peak in a few days, it is necessary to detect pregnancy.

7., at present, there are no reports of commonly used drugs such as cold medicine, antibiotics, analgesics, etc., which affect the accuracy of the test. However, if injection or taking drugs containing HCG, it will affect.