When To Use The Ovulation Test Paper

- Mar 16, 2018-

When to use:

Ovulation test paper is not used in the period of ovulation, but before the arrival of the ovulation period. The ultimate purpose of the use of ovulation test paper is to detect when the ovulating period is coming. Ovulation test the best use of time: tenth days of menstruation began to test every one measuring with the ovulation test. If it is found in gradually strengthened, will increase the frequency of measurement, the best test every once every 4 hours, as measured by strong positive, weak positive strong to seize the moment, ovulation generally occurs when the weakening of the strong yang. If you find a quick turn, the egg is going to break out, and then it's time to hurry. During a day, when the ovulation test paper is used in the use of ovulation test paper, when in a day, when will the test compare well in the day 24 hours? It's best to test at 10-20 points every day. Energy-saving weakening after ovulation test paper, don't be afraid to waste has been detected negative ovulation test, so far, it can take a few days to 10 days after ovulation, ovulation test paper and begin again every day, if it is found that the strong Yang, pregnant hope is big, can be used in early pregnancy test paper test, the general when the pregnancy test is positive. If you need to do B-ultrasonic monitoring, it is best to go to the hospital to do B - ultrasound immediately after the ovulating test paper is tested positive. Note: 2 hours before the test of oviposit paper can not drink water. It is better to use morning urine test.