Why Did Anyone Wear A Condom Or Be Pregnant?

- Mar 16, 2018-

The use of condoms for this thing, in a normal sex life couples, is familiar, but this does not mean that every one of us to use condoms, some people say they also reflect the normal wear condoms, but contraceptive failure, this may be because of the use of improper methods. So what's wrong with wearing a condom?

First of all, some people take out condoms and wear them too late in their sexual life. Many people start using condoms before they start, and they don't have to ejaculate so they don't need it. But in fact, the correct method is carried out in two when foreplay should wear, prevent intimate sexual organs spark a conflict accidentally, close contact lead to contraceptive failure..

There are others because they are too early. According to statistics, nearly half of the users are busy getting rid of the bondage before the end of sexual intercourse, and quickly take the condoms off. But though you feel ejaculation is over, it can still lead to conception or spread certain diseases after taking off hastily.

In addition to the time sooner or later, there are some worn on the error, such as some people wear before going to roll up the condom fully expanded, which may cause damage to the condom, and nearly half of the people there is no air to the front of the empty condom, this could make the condom rupture, without awareness of sex, cause contraceptive failure. The right way is to pinch the condoms with your fingers, but take a little light and remove the air inside. Others can make a mistake in the right side of the condom, which will certainly cause a certain discomfort, or fall off in the course of sex.

Many people are shy when they buy condoms, and they do not check the quality of the condoms and whether they are in the shelf life. These are potential safety hazards. While wearing before use, open the condom package in the process is also easy to make the condom is damaged, such as knife cut items such as packaging, may damage the condom and in the use of no contraceptive failure, this can be explained.

There are tens of thousands of "environmental protection" or not in order to save money repeatedly use condoms, so have lost the meaning of contraception is not worthwhile.